Manuscripts submitted to the Tourism and Hospitality Management journal should be written in British English using the Research & review paper template or Research note template.

The author must ensure that it is complete, grammatically correct and without spelling or typographical errors. The authors are responsible for language editing. The submitted text should not exceed more than 8.000 words typed according to the instructions below:

Font: Times New Roman,

Size: 10;

Line spacing: single;

Page Setup: A4 Format (297x210 mm);

Margins: top 5 cm, bottom 5 cm, left 4.4 cm, right 4.2 cm, gutter 0 cm;

Layout: header 4 cm, footer 4 cm.


The cover page must list the authors’ names, their titles, positions, full addresses of their institutions, telephone, fax and e-mail address.

The title of the paper should be concise and informative.

The abstract comprising between 200 and 250 words should be set out under 6 sub-headings: purpose, design, methodology, approach, findings, and originality of the research. The abstract should be accompanied by 4-6 keywords pertinent to the principal topics of the paper, suitable for indexing and online search purposes.

References to other publications must be made in the Harvard style and carefully checked for: completeness, accuracy and consistency. In the text, references must be included using the Harvard “author-date” system of citation e.g. (Jackson 2004, 176) or (Jackson and Miller 2005, 26). At the end of the paper a reference list in alphabetical order should be supplied. Examples:

  • Journal article: Surname, Initials (year), "Title of article", Journal Name, volume, number, pages. DOI number

       e.g. Capizzi, M.T. and Ferguson, R. (2005), "Loyalty trends for the twenty-first century", Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 22 No. 2, pp. 72-80.  

  • Book: Surname, Initials (year), Title of Book, Publisher, Place of publication.

       e.g. Harrow, R. (2005), No Place to Hide, Simon & Schuster, New York, NY.

  • Book chapter: Surname, Initials (year), "Chapter title", Editor's Surname, Initials, Title of Book, Publisher, Place of publication, pages.

       e.g. Calabrese, F.A. (2005), "The early pathways: theory to practice – a continuum", in Stankosky, M. (Ed.), Creating the Discipline of Knowledge Management, Elsevier, New York, NY, pp. 15-20.

Please include DOIs in your references where it is possible, the DOI number should appear as a link. The easiest way to retrieve DOI is to go to the following link: Simple Text Query form and register to Crossref. After registration go to the Simple Text Query form, copy and paste a reference or list of references into the search box. Select 'List all possible DOIs per reference*' to return multiple results and select Submit. This service is currently being offered free of charge to the public.

Figures, graphs, tables are to be inserted in their proper location in the text. They should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and given a suitable caption which should be located in the upper left corner of the figure, graph or table.